Our Service Area

Trans Life Ambulance covers the cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach. San Fernando Valley area, as well as certain incorporated cities within the County of Los Angeles. For more detailed information, please contact us.

About Trans Life

Trans Life Ambulance is a family owned and operated company providing non-emergency ambulance transportation throughout the Los Angeles area.  Founded in 2008 by the Blikian family, our team is directed by professional management with over 50 years of combined experience in the provision and administration of ambulance transportation services, in a variety of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems, in addition to business and financial operations.  The vision and dedication of this management team combined with committed field employees has allowed Trans Life to achieve excellence by meeting the changing demands of the healthcare community.

Our vision is to become an aggressive leader in the ambulance transportation industry by sustaining an operationally and financially sound organization while maintaining the highest level of patient care possible.  We strive to accomplish this mission by devoting maximum effort in providing exceptional service, quality patient care, prompt response, as well as satisfying the needs and continuously improving and exceeding the expectations of our customers.  Trans Life Ambulance places a high level of value on integrity and professionalism in building partnerships with the many respected healthcare facilities we continually serve.